Thunderbird Extensions to better manage your inbox

Thunderbird Extensions
Thunderbird Extensions

We review some extensions to complement the Thunderbird mail client and better manage our messages.

The email is an essential tool in the daily lives of many users, a beloved tool and also hated because poorly managed, can undermine our productivity. Occasionally we have talked about the management of our inbox and how to spend just enough time to mail to process messages that come to us and also can work and perform our tasks (avoiding being all outstanding workday posts).

While it is true that Gmail offers good resources to manage our messages (which can also be found in Google Apps), many users working with desktop mail clients. Not long ago we talked about Inky as a good alternative to traditional mail clients, but we must admit that for years we use Thunderbird to work with our corporate email account and one of the reasons we use this tool is precisely, its flexibility.

Thunderbird is a draft software free sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation and, following the same trail that Firefox offers us the possibility to extend its functionality by installing extensions. With Thunderbird extensions for this client we can tailor to our needs, improve user experience and ultimately build an environment much more enjoyable.

Thunderbird Mail Extensions

Extensions for Thunderbird we have ever spoken, but since they are very live projects, worth a walk from time to time by the gallery that has Mozilla because it always interesting resources are discovered and, in our opinion, worth trying:

  • Inbox Cleaner of expired Emails is very interesting for those who suffer (or rather, suffer) receiving many messages in your inbox extension. When we are overwhelmed and prioritize messages that read and reply can be a situation when we go to archive a message content it becomes invalid. To prevent our inbox is full of “obsolete” stuff, this extension allows us to give an expiration date for the post and, in time, to be filed alone.
  • LinkedIN Tab is one of those extensions for Thunderbird that are simple but, in our opinion, extremely useful. With this addon will tend a bridge between our LinkedIn mailer and therefore we can access directly from Thunderbird to our network of contacts, for example, identify customers, suppliers and partners without having to keep changing the browser.
  • ThunderKeep is a complement for those who use the service “digital books” that Google launched a few months ago: Keep Google . With this extension we can integrate Google Keep in Thunderbird in order to access your notes without having to go changing the browser window to access.
  • Wunderlist Task Button We think it’s one of the best finds we’ve found the Thunderbird extension gallery. With this add-on we can transform a message into a task (something very common, for example in GTD) and, most interestingly, the task will be stored in our  Wunderlist account.
  • Montezooma is a very simple extension, but in our opinion, very useful. With this extension we can abandon the bad habit of approach to our computer screen; Montezooma us a working zoom for better viewing messages we read, that we write or even quotes our calendar.
  • Messages Certified is a curious extension that, at first glance, it seems that Thunderbird installed on a “spy game”. The idea is to insert in our posts a url pointing to a message that can only be read once, and after this, is completely destroyed. However, the url still works and goes to record attempts to access so, in this way, we can verify if someone spy the messages we send.