Tools to manage and update drivers in Windows

Tools to manage and update drivers in Windows
Tools to manage and update drivers in Windows

How important is to have a good computer and its components to communicate properly! For this it is necessary to have the best drivers or potential drivers. Although the Windows looks for you, if you have official drivers always updated, a good option is to go to specific tools.

In order for your hardware to get along with your operating system, you must have the appropriate drivers. Windows used to provide them, but sometimes should use official drivers or drivers, especially in the case of graphics cards or sound. Manage the drivers is not always easy, so it does not hurt to have a tool to do that job for you. Windows has its own manager drivers for their own controllers, but we propose an alternative solution: tools to manage and update official drivers for your Windows.

There are many applications dedicated to this purpose. The more complex or simpler. In any case, the main requirement of any program to update your drivers is to have a database of drivers very complete and up to date. Secondly, you have to correctly recognize the peripheral or hardware in question and, as an addition, it should be as transparent as possible to the user. Consider the most relevant examples.


Simplicity the first. This would be the letter of DriverEasy, a program that supports most commonly used versions of Windows (8, 7 and XP). Its functions cover the backup driver, the restoration or uninstalling drivers giving problems and updated drivers. As anecdotal figure, has a database of drivers of a million, so hard your hardware is not on that list. The operation of DriverEasy is similar to an antivirus program or maintenance scans your computer and tells you if you have outdated drivers and whether you should install any additional. Moreover, it provides little information of each peripheral, since it basically does all the work for you. It is available as free and paid software with additional features.

Driver Booster

A similar option is Driver Booster, a free program that analyzes the drivers installed and tells you if you should update. It is much simpler than DriverEasy, so you will not be difficult to learn to use. Default is free, but if you want features like additional information or backups of your drivers, you can make it a paid version.


Thirdly we SlimDrivers. Its function is identical to the above tools: search for outdated drivers. But unlike them, the free version displays links to download and install the drivers manually. On one hand, this gives you more control, but it is a hassle if you have to update many drivers. As added from your website you have access to the list of drivers, if you need to find one in particular.

Driver Genius

One of the most complete tools you can find to update your drivers is Driver Genius, which also provides full information on the devices and drivers, also fulfills the task of automating the entire process of searching and updating drivers. As in the case of DriverEasy also allows backup and restore drivers problem. Other interesting options are the monitors to see the performance of CPU, video card and hard drive, among others.


Finally, DriverIdentifier, a very simple but very useful tool at a time. After a quick scan, a window will open in your browser that will show you a complete and very comprehensive list of all the components of your computer with the version of the drivers, the installation date and if there is a newer version. Although the download and installation is manual, DriverIdentifier has a database of comprehensive drivers.