The best free services to listen to music online

The best free services to listen to music online
The best free services to listen to music online

Internet offers lots of ways to enjoy music, and it’s best we do not have to pay a dime if you do not want or can. There are many music services streaming completely legal that we provide huge catalogs of music to listen to or discover. Today we recommend only a small sample with some of the best.

The music services streaming are becoming increasingly popular, and gradually begin to replace the huge number of megabytes of music we kept on our hard drives. It’s just easier, it’s more comfortable, and is available immediately. It is the difference between ordering fast food home, or spend three hours cooking yourself, the two may be satisfactory, but thanks to the way we live tend to look immediacy.

We really love music, and although we have my days where we just want silence, we can not live without a button play on any electronic device we own. In Bitelia we talking a lot of music players for Windows, for Linux to Android. But for those times when you just want to open a browser and instantly listen to music, the Internet offers many alternatives. Here are 10 options with the best services to listen to music online for free.


Deezer is a music service streaming extremely thorough, has several similarities with Spotify, and you can listen to full albums by artist. The basic version is free but you need to listen unlimited membership premium will also allow you to use Deezer on your mobile devices indefinitely.

Deezer has a lot of social functions, and you can sign up using your Google or Facebook. It has applications for Android, iOS and Blackberry, and a catalog of over 30 million songs. is one of our favorite places to listen to music. It describes itself as a social platform for discovering music. Exfm gets much of its content from different musical web sites across the Internet, to provide you with a feed endless good music by genre.

Exfm is great, service is between music streaming and regulate online radio. It has applications for iPhone and Android, and extensions for all major browsers.


Stereomood is a fabulous site that gives you playlists according to your mood. It’s a free music streaming that puts you as the activities you say you’re doing, or depending on how you sit at a particular time.

Much more than a radio is a tool to create playlists for any occasion, with the opportunity to share them with anyone you meet. Stereomood songs are added from some of the best music blogs on the web, and filtered by music fans, to thereby discover new artists and things you’ve never heard.


Songza is a music service that offers lots of playlists made ​​by music experts, 100% free without any limits. Songza has what they call a “Concierge” suggesting you musical playlists of different subjects, either genres, eras, popularity, activity, time of day, mood, etc.

The application is smart and as you say you like and do not, adapts to your tastes and improves musical selection for you. It also has applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows 8.


8tracks is another of my favorite music sites, the concept is fun and relies on its users to build playlists least 8 tracks (as in cassette prehistory) and share them with others.

Each mix can have a cover chosen by the user, and assign labels to make them easier to find for others.You can follow and be followed how any social network, and browse your feed mix or the popular site. It’s really cool, it also has applications for iOS, Android and Windows 8.

The Sixty One

Thesixtyone is a super cool site. On thesixtyone, new artists makes music and users decide which is good. It is an independent ecosystem where artists can sell music and merchandise directly to fans.

Navigation is great, and you simply place random songs of artists that are on the site, decide if you like and still played. It is very simple, and a must for music lovers. is another Internet radio offers its content directly from popular and renowned musical web sites. Organize the content popularity as an artist appears more times in the various music blogs.

You can browse by genre, popularity or blogs. And if you register you can add your feed to your favorite musical permanent sources. Shuffler has applications for iPhone and iPad, and others to run inside Spotify or Deezer.


Filtermusic is an online radio that is updated almost daily com music radio stations that do streaming in high quality songs and put music only, no shows or commercials.

The streams have been filtered especially for the genres of electronic music and dance , but also has a section or separate variety.


Musicovery is a service that provides you the possibility to listen to music according to your mood, but unlike sites like Songza Stereomood or Musicovery goes one step further by creating a graphical interface that they call “mood pad”.

This mood pad shows 2 points: dark / positive (dark or positive) and calm / energetic (calm or energetic), so the graph shows an infinite range of moods and each song has a specific position in the mood pad, allowing the user to intuitively find the music you want to hear.


Finally I tell them about Mixest , a very simple and minimalist service that simply provides an endless list of artists playing with indie. The selection is interesting and if you like this genre have the opportunity to discover new music.

We did not include the usual suspects and extremely popular Spotify or Pandora, because we have recommended before, and we felt better idea to offer alternatives. Spotify is still in our hearts the best app of this type, and my opponent does not have, but occasionally use an occasional service for a change. If you know more such services do not hesitate to share with us in the comments.