The best and most innovative iOS applications of the year

The best and most innovative iOS applications of the year
The best and most innovative iOS applications of the year

As upon us and New Year and we begin with our lists.

The best and most innovative iOS applications

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The year has left us with many things in regards to software and applications. The trends that emerged last year were consolidated, social networks continued their advance and even came up with some new ones. Before we go rambling, we get himself to what concerns us, the selection of the best iOS apps. We try to make a selection, and while not all applications were launched only this year, this was the year that really shone. On the other hand, there are other selections for quite ago, but this year received an update that also earned them their spot on this list. Without further ado, let’s begin.


With a little more time, Brewster can become the best contact manager for iOS. For now, we will be content with putting it in the list of best iOS apps of the year, thanks to its many features.

With a more attractive appearance, Brewster is connected to a variety of social networks to build a complete profile of each of our contacts, also have access to the contacts on the iPhone.


Social networks have really exploded this year and have seen many applications that try to exploit this. But it has really provided a difference and has well earned its place among the best iOS applications is Cloze.

This application allows us to collect information from various social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others, so that we can read later in a hierarchical manner. Instead of relying on the spontaneity of Twitter or Facebook algorithms with Cloze we can read updates from people we care about most, first.

Sunrise Calendar

The calendar that comes natively on iOS is more than enough to cover basic needs, but Sunrise Calendar doubled the bet and became the first social calendar for iPhone. What does this mean?

In sync with the main Google Calendar and calendars as access to our social networking events, Sunrise Calendar uses the information that is already available on other services to centralize and make it easier to understand. In one place, we can find birthdays, events you want to attend, meetings, and other reminders.


Clear recently received an update to match the new look of iOS and looks more fantastic than ever. This application is a reminder of the most efficient and helps us understand what tasks we have to finish in the day. But it also has a color code that organizes tasks according to importance.

Without going too much, the way Clear approaches to productivity is sufficient to categorize it as one of the best iOS apps of the year, and this we have to complement your design and flawless performance.


We get back on the field to highlight productivity Gnaeus as best of the year. Emphasis on doing the right things in the mail now, Gnaeus helps us focus on the tasks that matter, but also in small tasks that are equally necessary to spend the day or finish a project.

Instead of focusing on organizing tasks, prioritize them Gnaeus addresses to have a higher priority on how to make sense of things. It is not about doing things, but to complete the things that are right, considering that many people do not have the time to do everything that is marked on your list.


The email also turned upside down with the arrival of Mailbox, a client for iOS that was recently acquired by Dropbox. While the start was chaotic (with users who could not get to use the service for the queue to do so, and detected vulnerabilities), Mailbox managed the challenge.

His approach to email is different, since it focuses more on productivity and the ability for us to manage all emails that we receive.


Not much talk about Umano since its release, but that does not mean that one of the best iOS apps of the last year. Umano is certainly one of the best alternatives when reading news from the iPhone.

It has an intuitive, friendly interface, but their approach to reading our feeds and news is what makes having a differential and innovative value. Understanding that not everyone can read, Umano has a playback system so we can hear all the news, moving in the same way you can do it with the iTunes player.


Technically, Bump was released in October 2012. However, further it was consolidating its confidence and its validity as a service. Bump’s proposal is very interesting because it facilitates the transfer of files between different devices.

All we have to do is download the application on the iPhone, open website Bump, and hit the keyboard with mobile. ”Magically” the photos you have selected will be moved to the site so we can download it. The security conscious can rest easy, because encrypted data travels between device and device.


We return to productivity to talk a little Swipes, a task manager that differs from others because it is entirely gestural. With an innovative and in line with modern times given, Swipe earned his place among the best iOS apps of the year.

It is designed for people who need to focus on a single task, but they are easy to get distracted if you have all the tasks of the day in one place. With Swipes we can organize our list of tasks quickly with finger gestures, schedule tasks for future labeling tasks are correctly organized, look between tasks, enable different forms of reminders, and more.

Gmail for iOS

Finally, we close our selection of the best iOS apps of the year with Gmail. While it is not new to this operating system was updated this year for both the iPad and the iPhone, one of the best email clients.

The revamped interface makes it much easier writing emails, and now we can also see the avatars of contacts that send us mails. Referencing Sparrow, great application that you bought last year Gmail, functionality and aesthetics in general to the point that even Gmail for iOS is significant competition for the native mail application is improved.