Square launches new card reader for iPhone


The gadgets of Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter, is updated by 45% by reducing its thickness. The new iPhone and iPad Square includes numerous improvements in both design and performance, further facilitating the ability to charge credit card / debit card from iOS devices.

Thinner and lighter

Today almost everyone is aware of the importance of online commerce in our smartphone. Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter, and noticed it several years offers Square for iPhone, a device that facilitates payments and receipts from iOS devices with credit / debit card. With the launch of the new iPhone 5s 5c iPhone and its developers are stepping launching the new version of iPhone Square for incorporating numerous improvements in design and opens the door to new functions.

The lack of NFC on the iPhone and iPad is still something that many Apple users do not understand. In the era where mobile payments are the order of the day this feature is sorely missed on iOS devices. To overcome these shortcomings and give a chance to small businesses or self-Square for iPhone was born. With a simple device, you can earn anywhere with iPhone or iPad, like a traditional dataphone it were. Also works with both credit / due to pin or signature, may do so on the device itself.

The new version of Square for iPhone and iPad brings the main feature excellent design. As you can see in the pictures, its developers have wanted to match the thickness of the device to Apple products to which you can connect. This has reduced by 45% the size compared to previous versions. But this is not the only feature improved because therein lies the real surprise: a battery in the reader is no longer needed. With a new, more efficient processor, Square for iPhone can work only with its direct connection by Jack.

Nevertheless in Spain and Latin America this device has not spread equally in the United States. Let’s wait to see if the new Square iPhone is more successful.