SmartGlass: Improved And Cheaper Copy Of Google Glass

SmartGlass: Improved And Cheaper Copy Of Google Glass
SmartGlass: Improved And Cheaper Copy Of Google Glass

The Google Glass are such an attractive idea that many have to work on their shape and try to replicate success. They have appeared over the alternatives for glasses finder months, but so far none has been in as good a place as Smart Glass.

SmartGlass Review

The Chipsit is completely based on the original model of Google Glass improving and increasing the specifications inside. Both the display, which has gone from 360p to 720p as well changed the interface, rather than Google cards are an interface similar to that of a mobile, basically the Android desktop and all applications in our eye reduced manner.

Yes, have looked quite the software as it comes with version 4.2.2, which although not the last, improves provisional 4.0.4 Glass.

Inside we see that the processor is enhanced, which is not discussed anything of battery implications this may have.

Another point is that streaming is performed. With Android 4.2 already had Miracast and logically complete the possibilities are greater than Android offers limited apps Glass. The issue of control is already another one. Until you pass the time and wearables devices evolve, the issue of synchronization with the smartphone and use we can give is enough in the air.

Finally, Smart Glass include WiFi, GPS, gyroscope 9 axes, microphone and speaker. Sensors classics any smartphone, and the colors are blue like the image, orange and black. We leave you a video where its creators explain the process a little more.

The final price will be $ 500, three times cheaper than the $ 1500 that explorers have to currently pay but rather closer to the price that is assumed to have the Google Glass when they are released. The design, as the header image is a rather optimistic simulation, and availability of these Smart Glass is a mystery, but manufacturers and are starting to compete with Google for jumping the release of all that will cause smart glasses is that since Mountain View’s endeavor, which we all benefit.