Smartband from the MWC in Barcelona

Smartband from the MWC
Smartband from the MWC

Readers all of you are always looking up to us the techguygadgets to know what is going around the world of technology which will come like a storm in your life in a good way of course. Life without technology only writing this words makes me go crazy and so can’t imagine a single moment without it & so do you guys if we’re not wrong as you are following us. So today thinking about your thirst for tech we came with a product that was displayed in the Mobile World Congress which we experienced this week. The gadget is a wearable device and such devices are already found in the market. They have become a trend and the market of this kind of products are quite big. MWC also got a number of wearables and the device we are looking today is the Talkband B1 Smartband.

Huawei Talkband B1 Smartband Review

Talkband B1 a product from Huawei. The Chinese company made it completely clear to all in the last CES and now in this MWC taking place in Barcelona that they came with their smartband not only to give their luck a try but to get the number one place and they think of nothing else then that. The talkband B1 can be thought of a bracelet or a bangle. The smartband got a flexible OLED screen of 1.4 inches which will give us the assistance like all the others and some more handful of features. It can be paired flawlessly with our smartphones using NFC and remain connected and synchronized by using the Bluetooth. The bracelet has a 90mAh battery which will assure us with 6 days of minimum battery life without charging. The screen of the bracelet also can be removed and used as a Bluetooth headset.

The Talkband B1 is going to hit the market of China from this month and later it will be available in Europe from the second quarter of this year. The price should be around 99 euros and hope that it will remain the same or near that amount.

What about you guys think of it? Did you like the smartband and do they really have a chance with the others already roaming and the ones who will enter to the market. You can share every thought with us as your opinions are always helpful.