SitGo Electric Bike – First Experience

SitGo electric bike
SitGo electric bike

SitGo is a small, portable and easy to use electric bike that was designed with a simple premise, and that is to lower the overall pollution by offering a refined way to get around. This is a light bike for sure, since it has only 20kg and you can easily fold it as well as carry it around. Not only that but you can place it inside most trunks, something that does deliver quite a lot of value for the entire product line, that’s for sure.

SitGo Electric Bike Review

Even though portability is the major selling point for this device, there are plenty of other interesting opportunities to be had with it. The speed is quite good and upon riding this you will see that it actually delivers quite a lot of comfort and power which quite an achievement.

To be honest, the model does resemble an electric scooter rather than a bike, but regardless of that the experience of riding SitGo is amazing. You feel complete control over the device at all times and the entire experience of using this is more than interesting.

Charging the SitGo is simple as well, because you can use just about any normal charging port, even the ones inside your car. A neat idea here is to charge your phone or any handheld device via the USB port that you can find on the bike. It’s not a recommended option though as it does eat up the battery life from your SitGo but you can do it if you are in dire need of getting a little more juice for your phone.

SitGo electric bike
SitGo electric bike

We also like the fact that they integrated some LED lights under the seat because this does offer a more refined and interesting way to control everything as a whole. Sure, there are a few things I would like improved such as the size of the bike which is plain ridiculous to be honest, but there are tons of other possibilities all around to say the least.

You do get some juice to ride this for a few hours and the motor is not that noisy in the first place which we consider to be a very good thing. A few other things such as the overall power offered by the motor, combined with the stability and comfort offered by the device clearly show that this is an advanced, yet easy to use device that can be folded and taken with you anywhere you want.

SitGo is an exciting product and one that does deliver quite an amazing value to say the least. It’s very powerful and it does include a ton of nifty features, but in the end it also delivers a great stability and amazing results all around. If you want to take your experience to the next level while perusing the land, SitGo is a great investment and one that also showcases the power of engineering in all of its glory!