Samsung Gear S2 3G Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S2 3G
Samsung Gear S2 3G

With its elegant yet sporty design, the Samsung Gear S2 3G smartwatch is intended to be an everyday companion for people who value style, technology, and well thought out functionality.

Samsung Gear S2 3G Review

Samsung Gear S2 3G
Samsung Gear S2 3G

Design and Build

The new Samsung Gear S2 comes in two different versions. There is the classic version with ridges on the bezel and the standard version with the more modern-looking clean bezel. Both bezels rotate as a means of controlling the watch. It’s also possible to control the watch just by using the touch-screen display. The combination of these two different ways for control results in a fast and precise navigation.


The S2 uses a circular sAMOLED touchscreen display with 360 x 360 pixels resolution and 1.2” diameter. The small display boasts an impressive 302ppi, which looks beautiful and is clearly readable even under direct sunlight thanks to its advanced antireflective properties. The contrast is also spectacular, as you would probably expect from an sAMOLED display. You can switch the display to stay always on at the cost of reduced battery life.
Our only criticism would have to be the lack of any modern screen protections such as Gorilla Glass. There are several third-party solutions available, however, we fear that these would somewhat decrease the visibility of this beautiful display.

Samsung Gear S2 3G
Samsung Gear S2 3G


The Gear S2 is built upon Samsung’s Tizen platform. Tizen is based on the Linux kernel and backed by prominent electronics manufacturers and network operators such as Huawei, Intel, DoCoMo, or Vodafone. The platform would like to become the dominating operating system for many different types of wearable and mobile devices.
The user interface feels smooth and is very easy to navigate thanks to the rotating bezel that provides a good haptic feedback. The watch is able to pair with any smartphone running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher and support for iPhone is expected someday in the future.
Probably the biggest downside to the Tizen platform is the current lack of developer support. Android Wear and Apple Watch simply have more options when it comes to software selection and application support. Hopefully, this will only improve as smartwatches become more popular.


The Samsung Gear S2 3G watch is an elegant smartwatch with clever design elements, impressive hardware, and software that gets only better with each new release. We believe that Samsung is onto something with this 3G enabled smartwatch.