Recharge Your Gadgets Using Water Through HydroBee

Recharge Your Gadgets Using Water Through HydroBee
Recharge Your Gadgets Using Water Through HydroBee

HydroBee is a miniature hydroelectric generator using the driving force of rivers, streams or running water to charge a laptop battery, which can be connected to any terminal equipped with a USB port. The system can be used for leisure in the countryside or to populations living in remote areas without electricity.

Immersed in a river or stream, or connected to a faucet can feed a module the size of a beer can containing six rechargeable AA batteries. This module is provided with a sealed USB port, which can connect any compatible device.

Recharge Your Gadgets Using Water Through HydroBee
Recharge Your Gadgets Using Water Through HydroBee

Burt Hammer, co-founder has managed HydroBee convert a small turbine DEBIMETRE water, realizing that we could get a voltage of 18 V, enough to load 3 or 4 mobile phones.

The hydroelectric generator

HydroBee consists of two different parts that provide two loading scenarios. First is the module that contains the rechargeable batteries, and can be connected directly to a faucet or a hose for watering. Some adapters allow connection to existing different diameters.

The second part of the system is a float HydroBee called Stream Body wherein the power module is located. The float is placed in the water and tied counter.

The six rechargeable batteries bundled 15,000 mAh, which can feed different electronic or electrical devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop, GPS, lighting, light medical equipment, sensor energy, water purifier, etc.

The AA battery can support up to 500 charges. a full charge lasts between two and four hours, depending on the strength of the available current. Equivalent to 3.7 liter per minute flow rate is sufficient to recharge.

A stream of water flowing just over 6km/h can recharge six batteries in two hours. The company wants to establish a collection system once battery packs that are not serviceable. The battery module will be priced at 43 euros, and full float kit with 71 euros. The distribution will take place between March and April 2014.

In summary, HydroBee is a new, totally revolutionary eco system that will help many people to be able to use electronics anywhere in the world, regardless of the existence of an electrical network in the area.