Pushbullet sends links and files between Android and computer

Pushbullet sends links and files between Android and computer
Pushbullet sends links and files between Android and computer

Surely more than one occasion we have found the situation we have a link that interests us, a file, a simple image you want to send from your browser to our smartphone or vice versa, and something as simple is sometimes more complicated than necessary.

Pushbullet sends links and files between Android and computer

Send something we need something quick and hassle of one device to another, makes us sometimes opt to email ourselves, and thus open the object in question from any gadget. The problem with this is that if one day we wish to access that email must send for weeks, probably do not know or he is, or as it was called, besides the fact that they always do this, is not practical and ended with a disaster in our email box.

There are many great options for all types of data transfer between your computer and our device Android, for example the AirDroid app is great, but being so powerful will require a connection process somewhat long. In the case of small, simple and require immediate transfer is not ideal to use these applications. This is where hard Pushbullet, a simple service that allows you to send links, files, and more, from the browser to your Android, and vice versa.

Pushbullet is an Android application, which has a companion extension for Chrome and Firefox add-on, so that we can send anything from the browser to use an application on our smartphone or tablet.

Pushbullet How it works?

Once the application is installed on your Android device, you create an account using Google, and this will send you to the page Pushbullet.com to install the addon in the browser of your choice. From the website you can manage the different devices you have connected to Pushbullet, and even add friends to whom you can send things too.

The Transferred is immediate, once you press the send button to Pushbullet not pass a second complete and you get the notification. In addition to links and files, you can also send notes, lists, and addresses in a clear format.

On the web you have three spaces: one inbox (Inbox) where you can see everything you have received in Pushbullet; Section Push from which you can send anything to all your devices or friends, and Section Sent, which appears so you have sent to others.

The Android application is very simple, is very well designed (to fail transparent KitKat bar), and have your inbox with everything you’ve received, plus a button to send. Pushbullet seamlessly integrates with the system, alerts are actions directly from the notification tray of Android, and you can personalize the sound they make.

Overall it is a great application that deserves to be tested in the end probably end up becoming one of those things without which you can not live after the tests.