Practice Free Solution For The Broken Power Button On The iPhone

Broken Power Button On The iPhone
Broken Power Button On The iPhone

A few days ago, one of the team iPhones was broke the power button, which is used to turn on, turn off and lock the device. Out of nowhere it stopped working without any knock or anything. Because of this, we started looking for a handy solution, and we figured that the only thing left was some software.

Browsing internet we came to the conclusion that there are two very good ways: Using AssistiveTouch or Activator (for those with jailbreak).


AssitiveTouch is a very interesting feature of iOS that allows us to access different device options convenient way through floating of a button that appears on the screen. When you touch that button will be displayed options as you can see in the screenshot below.

There is a button to lock the screen without using the power button hardware. You only have to touch the AssistiveTouch button, then “Device.” And then “Lock Screen”. Automatically the device is locked.

TIP: To switch the device you can hold the Lock Screen option and see that it goes off the menu.

You can find more information on AssistiveTouch here.

Broken Power Button On The iPhone
Broken Power Button On The iPhone


Activator is only for those who have jailbroken iOS, so if they do not they will have to use the first option.

First have to install Activator from Cydia, and can do so by following the instructions below:

Install Activator

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Go to Manage -> Sources
  3. Tap Edit and then Add
  4. Add the repository
  5. Once the packages look “is updated Activator“ and install.

Activator is a magical tool that allows us to do all kinds of things through gestures or movements of the device. In this case we will use to lock the screen. To set it open and look Activator activate the option, usually only block the team when we are in the home screen, so choose that option, then need to assign the gesture (they have a long list, choose the most comfortable remaining) and finally assigned the action “Sleep Button”.

When you want to lock the device to do that action and go!

Just as you can assign a gesture to turn off the device.

What happens when I turn on the iPhone?

It is very simple, only connect to some power supply and turn on automatically.