Three Gadgets to Get You Back to 8bit Games Sounds

Pocket Operator Synthesizers
Pocket Operator Synthesizers

There are countless electronic synthesizer apps available for your mobile devices, but many people still prefer to push real buttons. That’s why Teenage Engineering is now introducing three new gadgets with its PO-20 series.

Pocket Operator Synthesizers

All three gadgets will cost $59, and have the same base features as the original ones, including a sixteen step sequencer with sixteen different modes. An oldschool monochrome animated LCD screen, parameter switch and a headphone jack. The estimated battery life on a pair of AAA batteries is quite impressive – you’ll get two month.

Pocket Operator PO-20 ARCADE

Teenage Engineering TE010AS020A PO-20 Arcade Pocket Operator (Electronics)

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The new PO-20 Arcade offers synthesized 8bit arcade sounds from your favorite eighties video games so you don’t have to hack down your best GameBoy to extract some funny chiptunes.

Pocket Operator PO-24 OFFICE

The PO-24 Office comes with full pack of sampled sounds from the average eighties workplace, including dot-matrix printers and disk drives. These sounds should be more familiar to the folks who toiled away on classic Apple or IBM computers, but the gadget will still appeal to anyone who loves retro features and stuff.

Pocket Operator PO-28 ROBOT

The third gadget is the PO-28 Robot. It may be used for making synthesized blip-bloop melodies, but in fact it seems more aimed for live performances due to 8bit sequencer engine and the implementation of a glide button to create flawless transitions through notes.

Every one of the gadgets sounds just as profound as the original Pocket Operators, but just a little bit more whimsy this time.

You can also obtain silicon cases for your Pocket Operator gadgets!

Provide your folks with all three of the new series together and start the next fabulous chiptune band. There are not so many though)

If you manage to make a demo tape – please send it to us! We love 8-bit sounds and we are kinda retro-geeks, too)

Teenage Engineering

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Teenage Engineer PO 10-series Super Set Bundle (PO-12, PO-14 & PO-16)

  • Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm Drum Synthesizer
  • Teenage Engineering PO-14 Sub Bass Synthesizer
  • Teenage Engineering PO-16 Factory Synthesizer
  • Three matching silicone case
  • Three mini Sync cables & Three 16 step Pattern cards

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