OKDOTHIS: an alternative to Instagram for inspiration

OKDOTHIS: an alternative to Instagram
OKDOTHIS: an alternative to Instagram

While Instagram is still queen and mistress of mobile photography applications, some competitors have interesting and creative alternative proposals. One of the most striking is OKDOTHIS, an application that presents user-generated slogans to create different and innovative images.

Photo Apps are all the rage. If we have to nominate someone who has actually succeeded in recent years, the clearest example is Instagram. It has its own community, has synchronization with virtually all (at least the most popular) social networking and amazing filters that actually do look at our photographs. But users of Instagram committed some sins that, for some, are unforgivable. The photos of food, now we should not really share are some of the examples. Sometimes the tooling offered by the application simply is not enough to make up for the lack of inspiration. So, bet some applications that make a parallel way Instagram is so interesting.

The game of the vintage filters and the ability to share everywhere has been replicated by many applications that used the trail left by Instagram. But none has tried to help our creativity as interesting OKDOTHIS , that rather than encourage us to share the pictures we take, we help you find interesting to share everyday topics. Available for iPhone, and a user community that is growing every day, we can take advantage of different slogans OKDOTHIS proposes to actually communicate something with our photographs. The smartphoneography emphasizes sharing, but what is exactly what we are sharing? Here the differential value OKDOTHIS.

One of the key elements is to share OKDOTHIS. But, as we said, is not sharing anything but creative ideas, ideas in general that is worth sharing. And clearly, ideas that can be transferred to the world of image.These ideas are called within the world of application DOs. When we are looking for inspiration to take a picture, instead of taking a landscape or a plate of food we can choose one of the suggestions OKDOTHIS, a picture generated by users. For example, among other things we find: take a picture of a person taking a picture, take a picture of a portal to another world, to photograph an interesting staircase, and more.

All user-generated DOs are separated according to categories. In the general category we find the craziest ideas, but we also have ideas for autofoto classic, street photography, technology, and a specific sector for professional photographers. The categories, as well as DOs within them, are numerous and have a good time to discover them all and have fun using them. So we can explore the same idea from different angles, and still have more inspiration to play with when we finish.

What about the camera? At the end of the day, the way you use the camera is essential for an application like OKDOTHIS. In this sense, the app Instagram replicates the methodology and offers a large variety of filters that can be applied directly on the pictures we took in the camera. If the camera is a little slow, we can share a photo from the iPhone to OKDOTHIS reel, which can even be a little faster. One of the differentiating factors is that different image files can be combined or stacked in different ways to create collages within the application.

When finished editing our photography will be published in a stream with the associated DO we use. The DO, this action we do agree with a slogan, serve as common ground with others who have taken the same photo, or are interested in doing. In addition, users can leave a brief description of the photo, a space that for some photographers is exploited to comment on the way in which managed to reach a particular socket.Through this social functionality, OKDOTHIS becomes a good way to create contacts based on common interests or just for the love of photography. But it is also a way to generate ideas communally.

OKDOTHIS offers an entertaining proposal through which we have no excuse for citing a lack of inspiration. While some issues can it be polished a little more (for example, the agility of the camera when you’re within the application), it is creativity that fosters more creativity, and DOs are user generated so always we will meet a challenge new and interesting. While Instagram undoubtedly continue to be a leader in this sector, it is good to see that other applications want to repeat the formula with their own additions. OKDOTHIS is a good example of this.