Voxan Wattman – Most Powerful Electric Motorcycle

Voxan Wattman - the most powerful Electric Motorcycle
Voxan Wattman - the most powerful Electric Motorcycle

Voxan is a French manufacturer of motorcycles have some time without presenting anything new and powerful market. This week has been presented their new bet for the future, based on electricity.

Gradually, motor vehicles based on renewable energies begin to become more and more popular. A couple of weeks you were talking about a conceptual prototype that makes Kawasaki are looking to fall for this type of vehicle, and to have seen in India have developed their own models powered by the wind.

This time it has been the manufacturer of French motorcycle Voxan who has had to create its ideal for those who are big fans of motorcycles and power approach, but at the same time have a great environmental awareness. Voxan bet its future energy electric fuel this week that has passed, in the Paris Motorcycle Show, presented what they say is the world’s most powerful electric motorcycle, Voxan Wattman. This miracle of modern engineering has the same power that could find their counterparts in gasoline engines 1000 cc. In other words, we can reach 97 mph in only 3.4 seconds.

The vehicle speeds that can exceed 160 miles per hour without any problem, it is powered by a 12.8 kWh battery that can be recharged fully connecting to an electrical supply for about thirty minutes. And if you think that the design of the bike is too bulky, keep in mind that almost all thanks to this huge battery that will allow you to walk more than 180 miles without having to stock up.

If you liked, you should keep in mind that these motorcycles are designed to call a lover of exclusive public. Each unit is assembled by hand without the production lines, so surely it will not be the whim economical for those who are lucky enough to be able to get it.