Major Gaps in Memory Modules Kingston

Original USBs
Original USBs

One of the most notable of signatures USB memory is concerned, has announced that several of its products may have a significant vulnerability. We’re talking about Kingston Technology, a company that has always been valued (by themselves and by users) for the quality and safety that present their products.

Kingston acknowledged that products DataTraveler BlackBox (DTBB), DataTraveler Secure – Privacy Edition (DTSP) and DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition (DTEP) may be the victim of an attack and the encrypted information can be manipulated by unauthorized persons which, with right tools, can have access to the data contained in these reports.

Remarkably, for a hacker to get to violate the security of one of those pen drive, you must have access to the device, something really quite unlikely. But anyway, if everything and discover that your memory has been manipulated can contact Kingston through its official website to send you a new one.