LightPaper: Excellent Markdown Editor For Mac

LightPaper: Excellent Markdown Editor For Mac
LightPaper: Excellent Markdown Editor For Mac

For those who do not know Markdown is a lightweight markup language and quick text developed by John Gruber and published in 2004. Markdown is focused on making writing the texts, especially web, easy to read and especially easy to write, you can write the text with a simple and easy to remember syntax which can then be converted to HTML without problems completely valid.

In 2013 was the emergence of dozens of web publishers specifically created to write Markdown, some simpler than others, some even sync with Dropbox and Google Drive.

For those who do not have them enough there is an online editor excellent alternative as desktop applications, in this case we present LightPaper an application free exclusive Mac but with an alternative payment for Android. (Odd combination if you ask us).

LightPaper focuses on provide an incredibly clean and lightweight interface, allowing you to concentrate 110% on what you’re writing, critical feature in these times of noise and notifications, the application supports tabs, folders browser built,  preview your document live and of course  export your text as HTML.

If you need customization regarding the color scheme of the editor or the source of the text, you can customize them smooth and even create your own combinations.