How to change all your icons in Windows 8

How to change all your icons in Windows 8
How to change all your icons in Windows 8
  • Change desktop icons classic.
  • Change icons taskbar.
  • Apply icon packages to the entire system.

Continuing with our little customization guide, this time we will tell you about how we can change the default icons we have in Windows 8. Now we have explained how to install themes in Windows 8, but the visual styles only change the appearance of windows and decorations desk, not touching the icons.

Also tell them how to customize the live tiles or tile home screen, but these images have nothing to do with the classic desktop icons in Windows Explorer, folders and shortcuts to the super anchor bar tasks.

The process is virtually the same as that performed in Windows 7 when we seek the same results. Let’s change icons in the taskbar, desktop icons, and icons of the rest of the system, availing of three different tools.

How to change desktop icons

If you’re somebody that use the classic Windows desktop, and add as much application installed as a shortcut, you have insurance on it a little chaos. Desktop icons can be easily modified without installing any third party application, you only have to choose the icon, right click on it and choose properties.

Then select the tab Shortcut and the option Change Icon. Another window from which we can examine our team to choose the new icon appears. This should be in. ICO, or otherwise not work. Accept and apply the changes. Now we can drag that shortcut to the taskbar and will remain with the changed icon.

Unfortunately this method has two disadvantages, first is quite tedious, and do it one by one, so that we can grow old in the process, and second: only works with desktop icons, can not do the same with any other icon.

How to change icons in the taskbar

To change the icons in the taskbar we will use a simple free tool called: 7CONIFIER, created by DeviantArt user wronex originally for Windows 7 and Windows 8 support and 8.1.

7CONIFIER used to change the classic start menu icons (that he went and died in Windows 8), and icons. In this case, we will only be used for the second goal. 7CONIFIER integrated packages includes some icons in the tool, and its use is quite simple.

It is a portable program so no need to install, just download the file from DeviantArt page, and unzip the folder location of your choice. Now looking inside the folder the executable 7CONIFIER.exe click on and give administrator permissions.

To the right you will see the list of installed packages, and by clicking on one and then click Apply you install on your system. Of course this will only work if you have access to your taskbar match the package you applied from 7CONIFIER. This can modify it by clicking on the package and then the pencil icon that appears on the menu, from there you can edit the route of access, name and icons that you want to apply to each packet.

A simple way to personalize all your icons quickly and to your liking, is to create your own package. By clicking Package > Create > From selection, you can edit all the icons you already have anchored to the bar. You just have to have on hand the pack of icons that you will use in. ICO, then you only need to save the package and apply. You can create as many packages and want to change from one to another with just a few clicks.

How to change system icons

Although there are a couple of alternatives to this process, the simplest and most effective automatically in my opinion, is still used IconPackager a software Stardock that allows us to apply icon packs to complete the whole system. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.

On DeviantArt you can get plenty of free and beautiful packages that change to the last icon of the system. IconPackager is not free, you can use it for 30 days trial and if you like, the price to pay to continue enjoying the program is $ 9.99. The program does all just, you only need to download a pack and apply for IconPackager.