First Look Of The Sony Xperia M2

First Look Of The Sony Xperia M2
First Look Of The Sony Xperia M2

The gathering of new innovations in Barcelona is over.Tech lovers know what we are mumbling about. It’s the MWC 2014. The people who missed the opportunity to be in this event or those who didn’t get anything of it don’t need to worry as like always you guys have your knight in shining armor the Techguygadgets for taking you there. This particular year there wasn’t any amazing smartphones or tablets like the year before but still a great event with some handy gadgets for all. Today we will give you one of the best product of this years MWC which actually impressed a lot of people. It’s the first installment of the products as we will provide with all the bests of the occasion. So fasten your seat belts for the ride.

Sony Xperia M2 Review

Sony is a big brand with great range of products and in recent time they made a name of themselves in the market of smartphones. Now they came in the last MWC that ended a week before with some great products. One of them was the Sony Xperia M2. With this they are hoping to get a good grip on the market of smartphones. This is a mid-range product of the brand which will attract a lot of people. The device got a 4.8 inch display. Good modest screen for our point of view. The dimensions of the M2 is 139.6 x 7.1 x 8.6 mm and weights around 148 grams. The weight isn’t that much and for so it’s easy to carry. The processor of the mobile is Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core 1.2Ghz and 1 Gb of ram. It runs on android 4.3 (jellybean). The camera of the Sony Xperia M2 will satisfy the people who loves to take photos as it got 8 megapixels of camera with 4x  digital zoom. The concern to the smartphone users is the battery life of the mobiles but it got a 2300 mAh of battery that’s  allow us up to 8 hours 25 minutes of video playback nonstop in a single charge as the company assures. The connectivity of the device is LTE, NFC & Bluetooth 4.0.

That’s all we got about it. They still didn’t give us a price but from some sources we got an amount which will be around 289 euros and probably will be available in the global market from April. Let’s see what happens. If you want for more detail information always go to the official site of Sony.

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