Razer DeathAdder – First Gamer Mouse for Lefties

DeathAdder First Gamer Mouse for Lefties
DeathAdder First Gamer Mouse for Lefties

Yes, you care very little who writes go against the rest of the normal people and use your left hand in everything designed and intended to be used right. But in this world is so unfair for people like one (we’re being too extreme) is good to see that someone remembered lefties exist and created the first gamer mouse for left-handers!

And care that its creator is no small business without experience, but it’s Razer, one of the most important in the exciting world of gaming companies. The special mouse is the DeathAdder and besides her unique design features, with a resolution of 3,500 dpi , a response time of only 1 millisecond and several programmable buttons.

How much does the mouse for left-handed gamers? Only 60 euros. Give us two!