BRG and 360fly Produce Helmets with 360-deg Camera

BRG Hi Tech 360fly Camera
BRG Hi Tech 360fly Camera

BRG Sports (producer of Bell and Giro motohelmets) and 360fly (producer of 360-degrees camera) announced their coproduction to launch a line of helmets with 360-degrees video technology. The prototypes of helmets for different categories – moto, bike, wintersports – will be presented at «Consumer Electronics Show 2016» in Las Vegas.

The 360-degrees technology is supposed to be adapted for Bell Helmets (Moto Technics) and Giro (Bikes).

Thanks to the 360fly mobile app one can publish and share shut videos immediately without a computer.


  1. Oh wow! This looks soooo cool! I would definitely want to get one, and for my husband, when he takes our daughter out on the bike, this would be perfect! Will definitely have to check it out once it gets out.