listen all songs from internet in one place

1748 listen all songs from internet in one place

Today, we heard music in one place: we have Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, and a variety of services. is a new service that promises to eliminate the fragmentation of music consumption through a web application that centralizes all heard from one place.

Today, the consumption of music has completely changed thanks to the Internet. While 20 years ago to hear a song we had to resort to the radio or drive, today we can use a wide variety of streaming platforms with millions of songs in their catalogs. In addition, we can also use other hosting services sound used by bands and artists to disseminate their work.And finally, we can use either the weighted YouTube, where users upload individual songs, full albums and concerts.

But precisely this facility has motivated another phenomenon, the fragmentation of our record collection. Some services allow us to listen to all the music you want from different sources: for example, a few weeks ago we talked about, a web service that extracts songs from YouTube and SoundCloud to enable it in one place. But we must also consider another problem that international tracks have to overcome the restrictions by country. This is normal for platforms like Spotify and Rdio, among others.While it may be solved through some tricks, this can be cumbersome.

These two problems can be easily solved with a new application called This is a streaming app that seeks to eliminate international constraints and generate a unique space for the user to enjoy all their music. The idea is that we do not have to jump from one service to another when we hear a certain song. It allows us to create universal playlists adding songs from a variety of services that can currently be using. In addition, we can also easily share these songs and synchronize our features several streaming services. In a word, as their slogan says, the music never stops. listen all songs from internet in one place listen all songs from internet in one place

Start using Bop is simple. Just have to synchronize with our Facebook account, and as we know, many streaming services require synchronization with Facebook. So when we do it, we will have also entered the credentials of these services. For example, I already have previously synchronized services Deezer, Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. If we have a synchronized service, we will have the option to do so from the platform.

In the central page find two sections, Popular and New. Clearly here we will find recommendations of artists and albums that we can hear. Clicking on one of the album covers we will be taken to a page playback.

At the bottom, we will also find information about the song, as its release date, a brief biography of the artist, and recommended based on our preference songs.

At the top of the screen, find another very interesting feature that allows access to a radio based on the song, as we do with Spotify. We starting the radio can have a good time playing without having to get put together songs.

Beside this same button will have the ability to create a playlist. Just have to assign a name to the list. Once created, we can start adding the songs you want. This option is in the playhead.

This is how we see a playlist. Inside it we can find options to share, but not much more. has seemed a very good service for those we have many alternatives when it comes to listening to music. One of its strengths is that we have all the chances to find a song, since we have five different sources. Add YouTube and SoundCloud as sources seems very successful, since it opens the range much more for international listeners who have to deal with often restrictions on platforms like Spotify.

Currently, Bop is in Beta, but I have not found serious errors that seem to me, and it works great. They are open to feedback to improve service. can be an excellent alternative when listening to music in one place, or, for example, creating music for a social event where you do not have time to hunt for music from different sources. Creating playlists is simple. If you have not yet tried, this is an excellent time.