Best Google Chrome Extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions
Best Google Chrome Extensions

We continue with our special year-end. A while ago, we talked about the best productivity applications of the year, some of which (such as Pocket) also have extensions to complement its use. Now, we will focus exclusively on this type of application, discussing the best Google Chrome Extensions of the year. We wanted to make a wide selection, with items ranging from productivity, task lists, and the ability to save content from the web. While not all applications presented were launched this year undoubtedly found their moment to shine this year. As always, you are more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments. Let’s Start.


This year will be remembered as “the year that killed our favorite Google products.” It came to iGoogle (discussed in some lines) and the Google Reader. Luckily, we were not short of alternatives. One of the best Google Chrome Extensions of the year is, without doubt, feedly, it found a hole in the space left by Google Reader to position itself as one of the best RSS feed readers that exist in the network. While we can access it from the web or from your mobile device through various specific applications, feedly has a larger usability when accessing from Chrome extension to meet our selected news.


Password management has become a hot topic (thanks to the growing concern over digital security) thanks to the outrages of PRISM and the NSA. But for the most forgetful, basic password management tools that allow us to have stronger keys that can not be obtained by social engineering have taken an unusual prominence. One that works as an extension of Google Chrome, is LastPass, which allows us to manage all our passwords from the browser. It’s also present in other devices, so we can be synchronized between all keys, for example, an iPhone and our computer. It is packed with additional features and not wasted.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is not new, but it still amazes us how people complain about the digital advertising when they have a way to stop it. This, at least, the simplest form of all forms that exist, is AdBlock, which is responsible for blocking those beautiful ads that disrupt our navigation. In addition to block ads, this tool is also responsible for keeping our privacy while we are on the web, and even has a malware blocking functionality. For these many reasons, and versatility, you can not help but be on the list of best Google Chrome extensions of the year.

Productivity Owl

Productivity is for us a very important issue. And to be more productive, we need not only an application, but also also have to take a lot of concentration, and the web has something different to offer. To avoid these annoying and at the same time, fun distractions, one of the best Google Chrome extensions of year is Productivity Owl, a content filter for the browser with which we can manage a whitelist of allowed websites to surf when we during business hours. Furthermore, we can also set banned pages, activity schedules of the filter, and more. But the real differential value Owl Productivity is also works with sites that have no place on the list, but have a similarity to one yes. In that case, Productivity Owl will give us a reasonable time to navigate without lowering our productivity.

Evernote Web Clipper

While Evernote is not news to anyone, this year received an update of its best extensions, Evernote Web Clipper. With it, we can move easily obtain information on the web, in order to use it later. We just have to select the text to send, and the process is completely automatic. Evernote Web Clipper adds an icon on the browser toolbar, which should be clicking to activate. We have several options: Capture, Mark, Save, Share and Save. It is a very powerful tool, with several customization options will save only what we need.


Another product that Google discontinued this year iGoogle is a personalized homepage. We evaluated many alternatives, and each offers something different. But OneFeed is one that has caught our attention with its social features. In fact, we can access OneFeed from the new tab page to our applications and bookmarks, but also to all those notifications reached us our profiles while we were not looking. An iGoogle with a lap of social nut, essential today.

Gmail Offline

Gmail is without doubt one of the most used email. But one of its drawbacks, the lack of a desktop client is that we can not access it when you do not have an Internet connection. To overcome this drawback, there is a Google Chrome extension designed specifically for us to access our emails when we are disconnected.With Gmail Offline we can search, reply, read emails, all information that will be sent at the time that we again have an Internet connection.


Similar to Productivity Owl, the proposed TimeWarp is very interesting. How can we make the most of the times in which we are working? Focusing on the sites that we consider as more productive. Here’s how TimeWarp can be so useful: it manages a black list of websites that should not be visited, but instead of blocking them, manages a redirection system that allows us to be sent to a more profitable web (which can also determine ourselves ). If this fails, we can do is write a message we receive every time we want to access a prohibited site.


Among the best Google Chrome extensions of the year, we can not forget the thought for students. There is a huge variety, but really stands out is myHomework, allowing us to keep track of all our academic activities. Thanks to myHomework, we can enter in the browser what the readings for all our classes, schedules thereof, relevant information, such as email teacher, and all assignments we have to do for this particular matter are. We can save a lot of information directly from the browser, a very practical aspect.


We finished with the best Google Chrome Extensions 2013 with Any.Do, a familiar name to many. It has established itself as one of the best alternatives to the most popular productivity applications, and also introduced mobile applications that synchronize with this information. It is a fundamental application lists that can be used collaboratively, not only for work purposes. How to Remember The Milk, also allows us to have more reminders about “earthly” things, such as what are the things we have to buy in the supermarket are.