Avoid Overheating Your Gadgets

Avoid Overheating Your Gadgets
Avoid Overheating Your Gadgets

We keep writing about the best tips to make your gadgets survive the summer. So in addition to the recommendations for safe keeping laptop on holiday, today we want to bring these tips to keep your cool and happy electronic devices.

Do not pile

Having the PlayStation on DVD on TV … is a bad idea. Since these devices produce enough heat to separately that have stacked one above the other. If this is the case for any of you, go right now to change its position.

Maintain adequate ventilation

All our gadgets have slits for heat to escape, and for very good reasons. Making it a good idea to keep those clean cracks of all the dust and lint that inevitably tends to accumulate.Do not forget to clean them every so often, and above all, notice that there is nothing blocking them (as the box of a game, a movie or a book).

Putting them away from heat

That is, away from direct sunlight, an oven or any heat source. If put in the way of air conditioning or fan, the better. And as the heat rises, the closer you are to the floor, cooler they’ll be.

Clean a little

It’s the cruel truth: dirt makes the heat does not dissipate well. If you have a little time, buy a can of compressed air and clean inside the PC cabinet, and the surface of any gadget you have.

In an emergency, go out

Yes, it is the most logical of all. If they see that things are about control, turn off and unplug. Make way for a while, until the surface is not too hot that you can not touch it, and then try to use it again.