Amazon Fire HD 10 – The Powerful Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 Technology
Amazon Fire HD 10 Technology

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is the largest tablet that Amazon has ever built and it’s jam packed with entertainment features aimed at Prime subscribers. The tablet is also one of the cheapest devices of its size, which brings up the question of how good this tablet really is when measured against its competition.

Amazon Fire HD – Hardware

Larger displays are trendy these days and Amazon would have to be foolish not to cater to people who enjoy a spacious real-estate. The 10.1” HD display has the right size to compete with the likes of Apple iPad, Lenovo Tab 2, or Samsung Galaxy Tab A, but it lacks the resolution. With just 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, the display looks unimpressive and dated. Browsing websites or reading for a longer periods of time can get tiring as individual pixels can easily be distinguished.

Under the hood lies a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz and very modest 1 GB of RAM. The low amount of RAM is a clear indication of what kind of user Amazon wants to target with this tablet. Those who use their tablet devices for light web browsing, movies, books, and other non-demanding forms of entertainment will have no performance problems at all. However, as soon as you try something more you hit head first into an impenetrable performance wall.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Technology
Amazon Fire HD 10 Technology

This brings us to another problem with the Fire HD 10 tablet – the camera. Considering the low price of this tablet, we knew quite well that compromises had to be made somewhere. The rear 5 MP camera, however, fades in comparison to basically every single camera found in cheap budget smartphones and tablets. The front-facing camera is acceptable for Skype, just don’t expect to shoot any breathtaking selfies with it.

Amazon Fire HD – Software

We could continue bashing the hardware side of this tablet, but we won’t. Anyone familiar with the Fire line of tablet devices knows that the main attraction is their software and the excellent integration of Amazon’s services.

The Fire OS 5 build upon previous versions and gives users an easy access to books, games, apps, and other frequently used options. The entire library linked to your Amazon account can be shared with the whole family and users are not even required to access it through Amazon devices – any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet with the appropriate Amazon application will do.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Technology
Amazon Fire HD 10 Technology

It’s true that most functionality is not exclusive to Fire tablets, but the way in which it’s integrated with the rest of the operating system is superb.

Amazon Fire HD – Pros

  • Family friendly functions and large library of content
  • Amazon Prime subscribers can easily stream content to the device
  • Good battery life
  • The built-in speakers provide a fantastic sound quality

Amazon Fire HD – Cons

  • The hardware feels slightly outdated and slow
  • The plastic construction leaves a lot to be desired

Amazon Fire HD 10 – Verdict

The Amazon Fire HD 10 can be recommended to people who value the large screen and don’t expect to use it for portable gaming, heavy web browsing, and extensive multitasking. Its biggest competition is the Amazon Fire HD 8, which offers essentially the same hardware and software in a smaller (and cheaper) package.