5 Points to Think About Before You Buy A Netbook

Before You Buy A Netbook
Before You Buy A Netbook

The netbooks are the heat of the moment in the technological environment, and if you wanted to buy one, since yours Juanguis bought my desire tripled. But before you go running fanciest savings on a Netbook, could use to consider some of these tips. And as I’m sure you do too, let’s see them together and make the best decision:

How are you going to use a netbook?

Many people confuse a netbook with a small, inexpensive notebook, but the main difference is that the netbook is specially designed for tasks involving Internet connections. However, depending on the model and operating system you use, we can use them for other “local” activities such as word processing, listening to music, etc.. So, before choosing the model, have either use this they will give you, and then buy a size and version according to your needs.

How much screen you need?

Think of a small netbook to carry anywhere is great, but do not forget that if the netbook is small, it will display further. So do not forget to consider what type of screen as programs need to use … or by how well we walk of view

How small can you use the keyboard?

As with the screen, the keyboard is also in decline, and if it is too small, it can become impossible to type on it without making mistakes every 3 words. You have to know the limits of the ability of our hands.

You’re going to need an extended battery?

Occasionally use it to surf the Internet at home does not require much battery, but if the idea is to accompany us on the road all day, then the battery life is a very important point to keep in mind when choosing the model. And remember, the batteries last longer, too often those that weigh more. It will be a matter of putting in the balance.

Can you give up Windows?

The big question. I suppose many of you are saying “I did a lot to do”, but most, for better or worse, we use Windows. Many netbooks only come with Linux installed, so it may be a good time to take the big step … or get a disc of XP in a hurry and change it. It depends on individual taste.