4 Of The Most Geek Gadgets For Office

Geek Gadgets For Office
Geek Gadgets For Office

Geeks around the world, waiting for a season of gifts. The question is typical and can find the answer in this post What to buy as a gift? Cruises Death Star not find the offices of intergalactic travel, as we suggest some alternatives:

Office Cordies Organizer

The design is very elegant, without falling into the little old and outdated. It looks great in offices bloggers rookies and senior businessmen. Available in Fancy. $ 28

Three more after the jump gadgets!

Sticky Notes in Apps

Bored of the Sticky Notes in neon colors? Well here are designed very original in the grounds of some smartphone apps. You can add it with Messages, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Clock. You can find Fancy. $ 18 each pile.

Clock with Hidden Compartment

A special clock for all wealthy geeks who want to protect their little chunks of kryptonite special thieves. It has a split in three tidbits to hide geeks compartment. The clock if it works and requires AA batteries. Available on Amazon.com for $ 59.

Coffee Table with Glass USB Port

The first thing we thought when we saw this table is eating in front of the screen. We know that we can return an overweight computer geek and Cuevana the eating front of the screen but this is great! Also serves to study the notebooks while Wikipedia has become part of all USB 2.0 ports. The master are in Stock at Amazon.com for $ 39